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Sharing a Peak Moment

At last I have a moment to write about the beautiful experience of being witness to the birth of 7 puppies.  In my last blog I explained that I had decided to make space for wonderful things to happen – the goal less goal – where if you have the space opportunities will arise naturally! […]

Fond farewell to Flo!

Well, today the last puppy to leave is off to the Midlands with her new owners!  A long journey for a little 11 week old pup! Remember I talked about the Disney technique in my first blog about the puppies?  Well it’s serving me well again today as I must admit feeling very sad to […]

Vision Boards

Magical, personalised collages that remind us of the things that excite and inspire us to change and grow …. and a lot more! We all need a vision of how we would love our life to be! By deciding to make a vision board (treasure map or dream board) you bring your attention and energy […]

What affects your zest for life?

Do you feel out of sorts, lacking in energy and motivation, stressed or depressed?   Have you lost your zest for life?   We often look for personal reasons such as our age, size, appearance, personality, intelligence etc. Do these things make it difficult for us to love our life? My gut instinct is to […]

Journal writing is amazing!

You don’t have to be a good writer to enjoy journaling. There are many ways to write a journal.  The word derives from the French word Jour – day, and is a daily record of your thoughts, feelings and experiences, similar but different from a diary.  A journal is very individual and private. Journals can […]

The Importance of Self-Care

What is Self-Care? Self care can mean so many things but put simply it is the ability to look after yourself.  Many things can interrupt our ability to do this basic task including illness, disability, pressure of time, lack of money, safe environments, motivation and self-love. On a basic level self-care includes feeding, cleaning, dressing, […]

Learn to challenge your negative thinking

If you are feeling angry, frustrated, disappointed, guilty or sad don’t bottle up your feelings.  Have a conversation with yourself:   What is making you feel this way?   When have you felt like this before?   Are there any similarities in the situations?     The Past Sometimes the past impacts on the present […]

A few more boosts for your Self Esteem…

When you feel the sudden awareness that your self-esteem is dipping or crashing. Stop!   ….. Breathe deeply and slowly in and out 4 times and try one of these savers: Self-talk is important.  Often the internal critic will fire off negative comments, be ready for it and counter this by saying to yourself: “I am […]

Belief is the key to achieving your goals

If like me you have set numerous goals in the past, only to flounder after a while then these tips will make all the difference! Focussing is essential for goal achievement.  The difference between achieving and not achieving is in your mind.  With clear and authentic goal setting and a dedicated and directed mind you […]

How to Cope with Panic Attacks

If you have ever experienced a panic attack you will know how scary they are. One of the best ways to cope with them is to understand the link to your breathing. When we are stressed or anxious the ratio of gases we breathe in and out is changed due to shallow breathing. The ‘fight […]