Making Changes

The more you confront your fears the more confident you will become.

To grow as a person involves challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone.

Procrastinating and avoiding taking risks is self-defeating.

If you always do what you always have done then you will always get what you always got.

What stops us?

Many of us have limiting beliefs that stop us from reaching our true potential and living the life we dream of.  The internal critic, who sits on our shoulder and at challenging times tells us: “You can’t do that!”, “You’re not good enough!”, “You can’t cope!”.  We can turn this around using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which provides tried and tested tools to challenge and change self limiting beliefs.  Once limiting beliefs are understood, reviewed and renewed  you are ready to embrace change:

With this new mindset you are ready to be a self-determining adult:

Your New Beliefs

I can change and make progress.

Other people are not to blame for my situation now.

I am responsible for my life.

I am a survivor, I am strong and successful.

I can create the life I want.

I can tolerate frustration, set backs and overcome obstacles.

I am independent and have a choice about how I live my life.

I am good enough

I can cope

I can do anything I set my mind to do

This is an adult life.  Full of freedom, choice and potential.  You have the opportunity to do more that you have ever dreamed of.

The Essence of You

We all go through transitions: times of change in our lives. Often just before we change we experience a stage of confusion.  We may feel out of control, frustrated or lost.  I remember this time well…  My circumstances were changing dramatically and the only sure thing in my life were my values.  When you are evolving from one stage to another it is essential to clarify what is really important to you.  It’s very personal, built from past experiences and future dreams and it is the core essence of you that will enable you to live your life true to yourself. Core values give you the anchor to focus your energy on.  They inspire you to keep going, through thick and thin and to persevere when you feel like giving up.


Core Values:

  • Help you make choices
  • Help you to screen and filter naturally
  • Increase your feeling of direction
  • Increase  your feeling of happiness and fulfilment
  • Are essential to finding your purpose and direction in life
  • Help you set better goals
  • Increase your motivation and can act as a catalyst to goal achievement
  • Measure the meaning that life holds for us
  • Life flows more easily when you’re in line with your values
  • Conflict with our values causes stress and life can be a struggle

Freedom to be Yourself

When I was able to express my true values I felt such an immediate sense of freedom and integrity.  For some time I had pushed down my need to love and connect with people, to give back and to care. I had been influenced by other people’s values.  It took some time to find myself again.  The journey continues but the first stage for me was to get in touch with my values.