Vision Boards

Vision BoardMagical, personalised collages that remind us of the things that excite and inspire us to change and grow …. and a lot more!

We all need a vision of how we would love our life to be!

By deciding to make a vision board (treasure map or dream board) you bring your attention and energy to the idea that you can create the life of your choice.

Think about what it is you would really love to do /have or be in your life for a moment and catch those spectacularly motivating thoughts!  These are the thoughts that excite and fuel our emotions and intentions, this is the way to make things happen rather than just dreams.

It may be a specific activity you are thinking of such as your perfect home, job or relationship or event.  I created a vision board for the birth of one of my daughters which I focussed on in my mind during her birth to amazing effect!

Maybe you have been writing a journal about your life where ideas and thoughts have materialised on paper well now is the time to create the picture. Brainstorm all your thoughts onto a sheet of paper – scribble down words that pop up for you.  Then cluster them and instead of staying with words start a search for images, photos, poems, headlines from magazines or newspapers that capture the essence of your perfect future life.  It may take a bit of time and effort.  You may have some things put away: favourite postcards, birthday cards, mementoes, meaningful words or prose – this is the perfect place to display them. Your vision board is a glimpse of your hearts desire.

Now just in case you are not a visual kind of person but are fired by a different modality: auditory,tactile, smell/flavours etc there are many ways to create a treasure box to incorporate these sensory modes.  Collections of recipes, music, clothes, fabrics, items that stimulate the memories associated and ideas and thoughts to inspire your future.  Colour alone can be experienced in many modalities..

The Practical bit

Gather all your items together and create some time to start making your vision board/box.  You can be creative and use card, board, frames, and boxes whatever you like to hold and display your items.  Blutac is useful to position until you are happy with the end result.  Then glue them in place.  Lots of people add objects too like beads, shells, seeds, anything meaningful.

If it doesn’t inspire then hold on and find something that does lift it higher.  Maybe you need brighter colours or a more specific photo.

I once created a huge mirror frame covered in mementoes and sprayed it all gold – a real talking piece encompassing loads of senses, memories and dreams plus me in the middle!

Positioning is important

Once the vision board is completed prop it up in a place you can look at it afterwards and adapt it – you can change or add if you suddenly have new ideas.  This process can be really stimulating!  Keep it in a place you will see it every day.  Some people hide them away but I believe its good to let other people see it and they might just become an ally in your journey.  The vision board acts as a continuous reminder of your goals to enhance your resolve and commitment to your future life.

I keep my old vision boards, as it’s great to look back over older ones.  Many a time I repeat themes but each year something is prioritised. This all helps you to prioritise and to remember your goals even when you are very busy.

Vision boards are daily reminders of how important your life is and how you can direct and create your future life!

All At Sea?

Do you feel all at sea, as if you are battling through a storm of demands and pressures?

Sometimes we get buried under a heap of responsibilities, habits and duties. We feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired and irritable.

Do you find yourself sayingI’m too busy to meet up with friends, to do exercise, to cook healthy food, to play with my children…” Working on autopilot, trying to survive another day.

At times like this the pressure narrows our vision into an intensely focussed view. We are in the midst of chaos trying to steer our ship through a storm. But, we can step off shore onto an island of calm.

Drop anchor, stop chasing the wind and be still

At such times taking yourself away from your usual environment and talking to someone you trust about all your responsibilities and worries is essential. Similar to releasing the steam from a pressure vessel. It allows you to discharge the tension and negative energy. Finding the right listener is essential be it a life coach, a counsellor, a good friend: someone who will hold the space for you to express all that tension without judgement or criticism.

The sense of relief is tangible. Many of my clients arrive to coaching in a heightened emotional state, either exhausted or hyperactive, rushing around and speaking ten to the dozen. After one session and a few carefully structured tasks their relief and sense of clarity is wonderful.

Gaining an overview from a different perspective is so helpful in clarifying the way forward. Maybe increasing or decreasing activities. Structuring tasks a different way. Giving responsibility to others, creating boundaries, managing time more effectively. All of these play their part in unpicking the chaos into a manageable and enjoyable life of balance. Many treasures may be hidden in your past: lost skills, strengths or interests and past drives that can be rekindled to inspire you.

Exciting plans for creating self-nurturance, exploration and essentially calm and tranquillity are discovered. All these aid to calm the storm, diffuse the chaos and get you back at the helm of a re-furbished and seaworthy vessel!

Seeking and finding time for you is the essential first step in finding the way forward.

Ready to start your new voyage!

Insight from Experience

Welcome to my new Blog! A new experience for me on my sparkling new website! Firstly thanks for deciding to read. I am happy to have you along and hope that the information I share will help you in your journey to happiness.


Why insight from experience?

Firstly as you may have guessed – I have lived a fair while now, and obviously have had lots of life experiences some good, some bad but mostly great.! I have a very optimistic view on life, even when I am in a difficult place I try to see the best in others.  That said sometimes you have to recognise that you are doing yourself no favours by persevering too long with a situation where you are losing your identity and ability to be yourself.  If you feel really stuck, having given it your best, then the best thing is to recognise that and move on.  There may be other factors influencing your perseverance but you must listen to your wise self for when it’s time for change.  You will know deep inside yourself that something needs to happen. Trust yourself and you will find the way forward.

The second reason is the same as the first that we all experience times in our lives when everything isn’t rosy.  We feel desperate, alone, out of control, overwhelmed.  When we are in the midst of this we are stressed and need support to cope.  If you have the support of friends and family this is a great help, if not, seek professional help before it’s a crisis.  People can be amazingly helpful when you really need them, showing the love inherent in humankind.  At this time you would probably not view it a useful experience.  But, after some time has elapsed and in retrospect you will be able to understand why things happened the way they did and learn so many valuable lessons yourself.  Hence you will have insight from your experiences.

My insight has matured over the last 25 years through a journey of self-development.

Early Influences

As a teenager I had no ultimate career goal and fell into training as a nurse.  My heart wasn’t in it and after a bout of glandular fever I left the course.  I knew then I wanted to help people and had worked alongside an occupational therapist who went on home visits.  This inspired me as the OT really saw people in the context of their homes – that made such a difference!  A truly holistic approach and for many years this ambition to be an OT was put on the back boiler only to be free to come to fruition about 12 years later.   I gained a place on a course locally and saw this as fulfilling my dreams.  I so enjoyed being an OT, the autonomy of creating my own appointments and sessions, the joy of seeing people recover after severe illnesses and resume their activities despite enormous challenges.  It was an enlightening and inspiring career.

My Inspiration

I had insight of the depression people felt after struck by disability from my own mother who had a stroke when I was 15.  She was a brave, strong woman but felt keenly the loss of mobility, dignity and freedom.  She was a great inspiration to me in all my ventures.  As an OT I worked alongside, encouraging and listening to people of all ages and walks of life.  One thing I always remember is the need to remember who they were. By that I mean particularly for the older clients: what they did and what they had experienced in their lives.  To not just see an elderly patient, sat in a chair but to get to know them personally and know their story.  This enabled me to respect them and treat them with the respect they deserved.  My insight from my mother’s experiences helped me to understand how difficult it is when people make assumptions about you without knowing you.

The importance of people’s story

This is another reason why I love life coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy both of which I combine in my current role.  Life coaching is so much about the person – it couldn’t be more client centred.  It is the one place I have found where you can spend an hour talking about your life story, your dreams and your goals and feel totally heard. The coach is there for you, focuses on you and her mission is to assist and support you in achieving your dreams.  What an amazing experience!

How to change the negative effects of the past

Coginitive Behavioural therapy is brilliant because it is also forward looking, positive and works!  CBT is a talking therapy that focuses on cycles created by past experiences impacting on the way you think, feel and act.  CBT breaks the vicious downward cycles and challenges negative thinking in order to give you the chance to experiment with new behaviour and see and feel the results of being just a little bit kinder to yourself.  I found myself as a mother in the position of using cbt for my child to lower her anxiety and give her back her confidence.  Through using the process myself I can talk with experience about the benefits of this approach.

I will be writing regular blog articles on subjects related to developing your self-esteem, managing stress and embracing change.