Belief is the key to achieving your goals

GirlIf like me you have set numerous goals in the past, only to flounder after a while then these tips will make all the difference!

Focussing is essential for goal achievement.  The difference between achieving and not achieving is in your mind.  With clear and authentic goal setting and a dedicated and directed mind you will achieve your goal. The magic ingredient for success is to harness the power of your sub conscious!

The Recipe for Success:

  • Relax, go within and sit peacefully meditating for 10 minutes daily.   Sit comfortably, alone, in a peaceful situation, with no disturbances. Empty your mind and think about nothing. If your mind chatters just let it come and go.
  • Visualise your goal in every beautiful detail: it’s fragrance, size, depth, colour, height, width, texture, and sound.  See every detail of size and dimension until the image appears real in your minds eye. By visualising in silence we drop our thoughts into the universal consciousness, the infinite pool of possibilities … allowing the ripples to go in all directions. Where you can be everything you want to be.
  • Desire and think about your goal. By thinking about what you want rather than what you don’t want in your life, will make all the difference. Feel the love you have for this goal and for it to be part of your life. What will it give you?  How will it inspire and nurture you? You will automatically attract that which you love by sending out vibrational messages.
  • Believe in your ability to achieve this goal.  State in the present tense that you are achieving your goal now.  Create a positive affirmation that is personal and in the present tense e.g. I am a successful teacher, working at a primary school with a class of 20 children.  Repeat this affirmation frequently to drive away negative thoughts. Write it on a card and keep it with you at all times. See yourself having achieved your goal.
  • Be grateful for what you are about to receive: to reinforce your belief and drive. If you are thankful for the great happiness this goal will bring you this will strengthen your commitment and expectation.
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