Fond farewell to Flo!

Well, today the last puppy to leave is off to the Midlands with her new owners!  A long journey for a little 11 week old pup! Remember I talked about the Disney technique in my first blog about the puppies?  Well it’s serving me well again today as I must admit feeling very sad to lose Flo today.

The Disney Technique:

The Dreamer is saying, “oh they are so cute and lovely and we have had so much fun together it’s a shame she can’t stay”

The Critic is saying, “Remember the mess to clear up, the chewing of the furniture, the scrapping and running off, beware!”

The Realist is saying “OK, you have had a lovely time with her from 0-11 weeks, she is now ready to leave and live independently with people that will love her and have plenty of time to go for long walks and give her individual attention”.

Ah thank you Disney that is helping a lot!

We will miss her ….  but we are keeping Holly. This will be fun for Twig their mother who has reverted to puppy behaviour herself for the last couple of weeks!

What an experience it has all been.  Not all easy going by any means: the loss of Scrap was hard after spending 3 and half weeks hand feeding her.  The change of the pups from little dependent creatures to full on feisty terriers who live up the their name was challenging at times.  A quick re-calculation on their departure time to 8 weeks for the two most boisterous ones helped immensely.

But the fun and frolics have been brilliant for all our family and friends.  Having puppies draws people to your home that you would never have sat on the floor with before!  I’m closer to all my neighbours and their children who have cuddled and raced around the garden with glee with us all.  These puppies have had a serious amount of socialisation so will be great to take home!

In terms of making space for this it’s been wonderful!  Now on to the next idea I have made space for – two Chernobyl children to stay over Easter.  Here’s the link if you are interested. http://www.ccll.org.uk/ho/index.php?ccllID=825ca303cb19d6485e9b20cbcb65f895&page=MENU_12714_N

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