Sharing a Peak Moment

At last I have a moment to write about the beautiful experience of being witness to the birth of 7 puppies.  In my last blog I explained that I had decided to make space for wonderful things to happen – the goal less goal – where if you have the space opportunities will arise naturally!

How amazing a few hours can be!  On the morning of 28th December at 8.30am our Lakeland terrier Twig went into labour, turning her bedding over into a nest, panting and pushing with such a natural rhythm.  Within an hour a sac appeared and soon after the first pup was out!.  Then the next 3 followed in fairly quick succession.

Number five was much slower, over an hour and half and then it was obvious there was a problem.  On the way to the vets he was still-born sadly.

xmas-2012-and-puppie-047_opt-300x225We returned home and twig mothered and suckled her 4 pups and then unexpectedly 2 more pups were born in fast succession!  Now Twig had 6 tiny, velvety puppies and she was immediately a super Mum, licking and caring for them.  After a while they all settled down for a well deserved sleep!

Although we were witness to birth and death, it was a moving experience to see the start of new life and how fragile this moment can be.  My heart is sad about losing the largest pup but relieved that Twig is fine and can be here to mother her 6 other puppies!

This was a peak moment for me!  Never to be forgotten.  I am so enjoying this event and am grateful for this natural and nurturing experience.


I find it great to look at the peak moments that stand out in my life and see what values were being fulfilled at the time.  Clarifying your values helps to motivate and direct your choices in life.  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, doing the same routine, being super busy and we lose touch with our soul!  Take a little time to find out what really rings true for you too.

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