Vision Boards

Vision BoardMagical, personalised collages that remind us of the things that excite and inspire us to change and grow …. and a lot more!

We all need a vision of how we would love our life to be!

By deciding to make a vision board (treasure map or dream board) you bring your attention and energy to the idea that you can create the life of your choice.

Think about what it is you would really love to do /have or be in your life for a moment and catch those spectacularly motivating thoughts!  These are the thoughts that excite and fuel our emotions and intentions, this is the way to make things happen rather than just dreams.

It may be a specific activity you are thinking of such as your perfect home, job or relationship or event.  I created a vision board for the birth of one of my daughters which I focussed on in my mind during her birth to amazing effect!

Maybe you have been writing a journal about your life where ideas and thoughts have materialised on paper well now is the time to create the picture. Brainstorm all your thoughts onto a sheet of paper – scribble down words that pop up for you.  Then cluster them and instead of staying with words start a search for images, photos, poems, headlines from magazines or newspapers that capture the essence of your perfect future life.  It may take a bit of time and effort.  You may have some things put away: favourite postcards, birthday cards, mementoes, meaningful words or prose – this is the perfect place to display them. Your vision board is a glimpse of your hearts desire.

Now just in case you are not a visual kind of person but are fired by a different modality: auditory,tactile, smell/flavours etc there are many ways to create a treasure box to incorporate these sensory modes.  Collections of recipes, music, clothes, fabrics, items that stimulate the memories associated and ideas and thoughts to inspire your future.  Colour alone can be experienced in many modalities..

The Practical bit

Gather all your items together and create some time to start making your vision board/box.  You can be creative and use card, board, frames, and boxes whatever you like to hold and display your items.  Blutac is useful to position until you are happy with the end result.  Then glue them in place.  Lots of people add objects too like beads, shells, seeds, anything meaningful.

If it doesn’t inspire then hold on and find something that does lift it higher.  Maybe you need brighter colours or a more specific photo.

I once created a huge mirror frame covered in mementoes and sprayed it all gold – a real talking piece encompassing loads of senses, memories and dreams plus me in the middle!

Positioning is important

Once the vision board is completed prop it up in a place you can look at it afterwards and adapt it – you can change or add if you suddenly have new ideas.  This process can be really stimulating!  Keep it in a place you will see it every day.  Some people hide them away but I believe its good to let other people see it and they might just become an ally in your journey.  The vision board acts as a continuous reminder of your goals to enhance your resolve and commitment to your future life.

I keep my old vision boards, as it’s great to look back over older ones.  Many a time I repeat themes but each year something is prioritised. This all helps you to prioritise and to remember your goals even when you are very busy.

Vision boards are daily reminders of how important your life is and how you can direct and create your future life!

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